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How’s it going?

11 Feb How’s it going?

Hi, I actually wrote this on what has now been named “Blue Monday”, allegedly the most depressing day of the year (the third Monday in January), or so the experts say!

So, how are you feeling? Is your 2016 turning out ok so far?

It’ true, the winter months after December can be tough for some of us, and I think this can be for many reasons. We’ve left the holiday and festive season behind, yet some of the pressures and stress from that time may remain with us. Christmas/holiday season comes every year, and depending on where we are in our lives this can prove a joyful time or a time of anguish and stress, even a time of loneliness for some.

Families thrown together for holiday season can experience fun and euphoria, but for some the experience of coming together with seldom seen relatives or friends can lead to discomfort, resentment and undue pressure to “enjoy yourself”. The festive season always sweeps in with a degree of predictable commercialisation and media/social pressure to perform. The TV adverts tell us how we need to present the food, what gifts we must buy, even how we should be “acting” at and hosting our parties, the pressure to follow the crowd in order to achieve this prescribed happiness is immense.

I love Christmas (and Easter) personally, but for me I found my feelings about theses festive times changed as I grew older and as special loved ones passed on or moved away, it evolved into something different for me. It’s still a special time but very different from my childhood experiences. I believe this happens for all of us to some extent, and evolving can prove challenging for some of us. The pressure to “follow the crowd” does not help us when we are re-evaluating what this time of year means for each of us.

Let’s also consider the famous British climate! The UK is a beautiful place to be when the weather is bright, sunny and warm. However, very often we live under cloud-laden, dark, gloomy skies for long periods, with few (if any) glimpses of the cheering sun. The winter months can be wet and miserable, and this can impact many people, some even to an extreme extent who may develop  SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Whatever winter or the Festive season means for you, it’s really important to pause sometimes, and take stock of your needs, your dreams, even your fears, and to do as much (or as little) as you desire to find your own personal level of happiness that’s right for you. We too often follow the instruction of others (or the media) who tell us what we need to do to be happy. Re-evaluation of our lives and needs is not always simple though.

If you have struggled this winter or through the holiday season, and need to talk to someone about this or any other personal challenges you may have, get in touch, I can help. – 07519 411585 (Call or text)

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