Simon Vizard | Its Summer again!
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Its Summer again!

30 Jul Its Summer again!

The kids have broken up from school, you have to change you childcare and kids cover, your work is impacted, it’s busier than ever running the home with all the additional mouths to feed all day and night. They get bored, the house is untidy, the fridge is constantly empty, you find ways to occupy them and please them, its relentless this summer holiday business!

What about you? Are you ok? Are you getting the time you need to look after yourself and get your needs met? It’s ok to take time out and think of yourself, your needs and wishes, your happiness are just as important as the kids.

As we enter the school holiday period, ask yourself, “am I  prepared, resilient and ready?”, or whether you need to take a breather and adjust things to help ensure you are coping ok. It’s not silly, it’s not selfish, it’s vital to be happy. Get in touch if I can help you explore what may be going on if you feel overwhelmed.

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